I created a six-component campaign that focused on bettering how Yellow Cab Cooperative [of] San Francisco interacts with its customers. I designed an in-depth mobile application for the taxi company, as well as street decals, a digital ad for a bus stop, a webpage, designed the UI for an in-car payment system, and animated a thirty-second spot highlighting the mobile application. DOWNLOAD THE FULL PDF


      I rebranded the network Animal Planet where I created a print campaign as well as a mobile application. I used the words Adventure, Playful, and Curiosity, as my inspiration along with demographic research to guide my redesign of the logo and stationery, create a set of posters, design strategically placed decals, animate three 5-second logo bumpers, and allow users to further interact with the network by designing a mobile application. DOWNLOAD THE FULL PDF


      I designed a set of two posters; one after the serif font, Lubalin Graph ITC, and one after the sans serif font, Helvetica. The goal was to research the typefaces and display their history in an interesting manner as well as celebrate the fonts, all with a paralleled design. I chose to focus on some of each font's individual characters and place them in a way that shows off their dynamics within their own type set.


      I made this quote book using only quotes from the movie, "O Brother Where Art Thou". I wanted to stick with the 1930s theme, so I built a mini record album and displayed the quotes on the center of the disks. The disks have their own individual sleeves with a di-cut that displays the quote.


      I designed a new campaign for Pantone, including a mailer, three posters, and a magazine ad. Keeping the slogan, "add flavor to your design" in mind, the mailer I created was a slide-out box filled with bubble gum. Each piece of gum was wrapped in a specific color with its Pantone color code printed on top. This way, it resembled a Pantone color chart. The mailer came in cyan, magenta, and yellow.


      This is my redesign of Guy Kawasaki's Hindsights book jacket. I wanted to keep the book simple and modern with obvious focal points, i.e. the spectacles, the title, and Kawasaki's name.

    • 50 LOGOS

      50 logos in 50 days was a daily exercise designed to explore mood, color, type, imagery and tone while learning to trust my instincts.
      Background track by Michael Chin


      A thirty-second infographic containing facts about cell phone usage
      Background track by Rachel Schmitz


      12 Second After Effects animation to the song, "The Distance", by the band Cake.


      This is a music video I began creating for a song I wrote.


      The objective was to create a humorous advertisement for Post-It. I photographed the subjects on on a white sweep with one flash bulb and a soft-box. I replaced the background and added the pen and Post-It notes afterwards in Photoshop. Here, a woman reacts to a man who rudely stuck his phone number to her body.


      This photo is of my bass guitar. I photographed this for the contrast of the sleek instrument against an aging, crackled wall. The bass is often an overlooked, vital instrument so I felt the need to feature it.


      In this series, the objective was to emphasize line and shape in a piece of architecture. I chose to photograph the James Flood Building in San Francisco. The lines of the doors are contrasted with the lines in the marble that surround them.

    • CURVES

      Being the second image in the Line and Shape series, the photograph was taken at the James Flood Building in San Francisco. The contrasting light and shadow were created from the afternoon doors pouring fractions of light into the lobby.


      This series illustrates inner-conversations one has with oneself. In this first piece, the subject's mind is arguing with the three different perspectives in his subconscious, preventing the subject from making up his mind. The subject in the second piece has heard something distasteful, and his inner-thoughts reveal he is feigning his disgust. The final portrait shows the subject looking disappointed. The conversationalists in his mind are yelling at him in frustration because of a missed opportunity.


      The objective of this photo was to capture details in nature that one normally overlooks using a manual focus lens. The ornate detail of dandelions is often overlooked as they are either picked or blown apart. Its title is representative of the moment one could take to admire the weed before blowing its delicate seeds away.


      I made a vector rendering of a photograph I took of a camera. The challenge was to use only Adobe Illustrator, such as gradients and the pen tool.


      I redesigned Craigslist.org so that it was easier to navigate. I placed all of the main links on the sides and placed all of the subcategories on a slide out menu so that the viewer feels less overwhelmed than they would on the older Craigslist homepage.



      I redesigned Freebord's website. Freebord is a revolutionary skateboarding-style company that allows snowboarders to skate down pavement using the same control they would on snow. I included the San Francisco neighborhoods the company caters to on the background image of the website. The site includes a store, video, and a form to sign up.